About us

Who are we?

Established in 2009, Funky Needlework is a thriving family business, based in beautiful Northumberland.  We provide local and national quilters and sewers with the finest quality fabrics, excellent threads and innovative workshops.  Whether you are an accomplished quilter or someone just starting out and working through our ‘How to’ videos, you will find everything you need at Funky Needlework.


Our Batik range is extensive. We work closely with a variety of suppliers to make sure we provide you with the most vibrant. high quality Batik available which is suitable for patchwork, quilting, dress making and beyond.

It has been noted that our printed cottons are often a little different to other available on the market! We carry stock from well-known brands as well as some more eclectic hidden gems!


A cousin of fine fabric is excellent thread and we are proud to be a part of the Aurifil family; they offer the best low-lint quilting threads on the market. Their variety, size, colour and weight is second to none and most importantly, suitable for all projects.

A word from our founder!

Hello! I am Josie Dunne and I have been quilting all of my life. I come from a proudly matriarchal family who were all makers and creators. I am a great believer in the philosophy that simple skills can produce very exciting results! I source some of the most beautiful fabrics from the UK and beyond so that quilters and stitchers of all capabilities, can enjoy this timeless and rewarding past-time.

At Funky Needlework we really want to share our love and passion for our craft. Whether you are a textile artist, quilter or patchworker we are here for all!